Dunking the Rainmaker [13(1)-5, Carbon Roller]

7th December 2017 – 7.00 pm

Okay, I like this vertical flick, and I think I'm getting the hang of it. It's great for inking a path, which the Carbon Roller really needs now that it's lost the Seekers. I do like the Autobombs, though. I just wish I could get to grips with the normal flick. It doesn't seem quite as potent as before. Still lots to understand about the new environment.

After carelessly rolling under the last sight of the Splat Charger, I super-jump back and use an Autobomb for a fine splat, before heading towards the Splat Charger. He's probably a veteran, though, and obviously is expecting me. I can't be quite so blasé about these battles.

I come back to try to release the Rainmaker, but the Splat Charger is overlooking me. I retreat, having released an Ink Storm, and head around the side. The splat comes as a surprise, but it's nice to see the Ink Storm is more effective than the Sting Ray.

I hit the flank more cautiously, as the Splat Charger looks to still be around. An Autobomb here, another path up the wall there, and a Splat Bomb drops down on me. I avoid that, and as the Splat Charger is on the next level up, I use the vertical flick to beat an obvious but speedy advance, which happily lets me meet my squidmate with the Rainmaker.

I'm not convinced the Splat Charger could see my squiddy self, but there's no arguing the result. At least the Rainmaker reaches the ledge, and super-jumping back lands me safely. An Autobomb seems like a good idea, but the yellow inkling keeps his back towards me, and I don't turn away easy splats. The Rainmaker is burst free, and I look towards the podium. A couple of Autobombs and Rainmaker blasts, and the path ahead looks clear.

Sadly, the path ahead only looks clear, and the path behind isn't much better. But we have a pretty good lead now, and I don't panic super-jumping in to a Sting Ray. They don't do much. The Curling Bomb Rush is rather more worrying, and the yellow team grab the Rainmaker amongst an ink explosion and take it back to the middle of the Towers.

We recover the Rainmaker easily enough, and as my squidmates go one way I go the other, using an ink rail to get to, well, not quite where I expect. But I see an inkling on the ledge, and it's the Splat Charger trying to be sneaky. I'm happy to get this splat. I press forwards, and with some flicking and an Ink Storm, get the path to the podium relatively clear and inked.

Trying to keep the podium inked will only get me splatted, but we remain in a positive position. The Rainmaker is at the foot of the ramp leading to the podium, with squidmates available to super-jump to. We lose the Rainmaker once more, but, trying to shield myself from the Splat Charger, I burst it free again, and make a dash for the podium.

With a good helping of blue ink up to the podium, and the Splat Charger just a little bit behind where he wants to be, my dash gets me right to the podium. My first Rainmaker dunk under the new rules! Woomy!

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