First Rainmaker battle sees a dunking [9(1)-3, Splat Charger]

7th December 2017 – 7.00 am

Moray Towers Rainmaker should be fairly familiar. Of course, appearances can be deceptive, Osborne Cox. Not only has the layout of the Towers been changed, but there are lots of subtle and not-so-subtle differences with not just Rainmaker, but the weapons kit. It's almost a hindrance to have two years of experience at this point, but things will settle.

Opting for the Splat Charger, I take more of a supportive stance to start with, holding back and applying ink from a distance, for the most part. It does none of the team any good if I get splatted from being too close to anything. Of course, when I get close, it's with good reason.

I head up the wall to support the Rainmaker, using a Splat Bomb in the rather sensitive point where the purple team drop down, which catches one inkling doing just that. I do well to snap a shot at the Inkjet too, which kinda lets me ink a path up the wall. Only kinda, because the path is already inked.

I squid up the wall, although it is just as the Rainmaker gets splatted, and a Splat Bomb again saves my skin. I have to retreat a little, but I find a good use for the Sting Ray, getting a splat and bursting the Rainmaker's shield. I think the way forward is clear, but maybe I could have paused to fire the Rainmaker once.

I consider super-jumping back, but circumstances look a little dubious, so I take the long route. Good thing too, as the purple team reset the Rainmaker. Things get a bit messy, and I miss what should have been an easy shot at another Inkjet, but make up for it by splatting the Rainmaker instead.

I let my squidmates handle the Rainmaker, and try to reenact the previous push, but it doesn't quite go the same way. My retreat saves me for a few seconds, but I learnt in the Splatfest not to use the Sting Ray on a super-jumper, as it just doesn't have the sting to splat them. Still, I pulled out the Sting Ray, so I try anyway.

Super-jumping seems like a safer bet this time, and I land to support a squidmate on the home straight with the Rainmaker. A Splat Bomb clears one inkling out of the way, and although my aim lets me down (plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose), I distract the inkling that splats me, and I get a good view of our squidmate dunking the Rainmaker.

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