Chaotic Rainmaker [22(2)-9, Carbon Roller]

8th December 2017 – 7.00 pm

I hold back a little to start the battle, as the Carbon Roller is a bit weak without a good helping of ink. It serves me well, though. I catch one inkling trying to flank us, and I get to support the Rainmaker from behind, carried ably by a squidmate. Even when the Rainmaker is lost, I hold up the green team for long enough for my squidmates to come back.

Our presence near the green base is not long-lived, though, but I am happy to let loose an Autobomb as I'm splatted on landing, if only to see it chase an inkling away from the Rainmaker. We stop the green push and make another push ourselves, but are hit from both sides. I try to prevent green ink hitting our backs, although the Autobomb I throw does a better job in front of me.

The battle lingers at one point, making super-jumping there seem like a good idea. The well-timed Suction Bomb makes two of us think otherwise. We try again, and are splatted on landing again. Hint taken, I take the slow route back, which lets me last just a touch longer this time. I'm almost glad that my squidmates are splatted, preventing me from super-jumping, and instead I hold back and watch where the Rainmaker is going.

The Rainmaker looks to be going one way, and then the other, and although it jinks back again, I decide to just pick a direction and go with it. That lets the Rainmaker maybe get a little further, but I get a nice flanking manoeuvre, letting us recover the Rainmaker. I grab it for a run, and make a jump I'm glad of, because I'm still not quite sure where the gaps are in the Shipyard.

My squidmates provide some good support, and we push the Rainmaker a good distance before the ink overcomes me. We don't quite improve our lead, but we've pushed the green team back nicely again. I take the slow route back again, which ends up letting me flank the Rainmaker. A brutal vertical flick splats the Rainmaker, which is the start of my systematic splatting of the green team. I'm splatted at the end, but I think I got my message across.

I super-jump back as my squidmates carry the Rainmaker, and get my flicks working again. The Rainmaker sneaks around the side as I do this, and gets close to increasing our lead, splatted just short of doing so. That's okay, as the green team only have a couple of seconds remaining in the battle to do anything. But what they do is grab the Rainmaker to force the battle in to extra time.

Extra time is no big deal. We have the luxury of the lead, and can sit back waiting for the right opportunity to strike. And that's exactly what I do. My only regret is not splatting all four of the green team. That was a fun battle, woomy!

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