Getting the splats in Rainmaker [16-7, Carbon Roller]

8th December 2017 – 7.00 am

I think I'm almost faster with the Carbon Roller now that there is the vertical flick instead of the Seeker. That doesn't help me much when my decisions are still a bit poor. Also, the vertical flick is not as good against the Rainmaker as the standard horizontal flick. By the way, the weird pulsing of the screen is what happens whenever the Rainmaker is fired. That confused me for quite a while.

Super-jumping back gets me in to the action quickly, or close to it, from where I let my Autobombs do the dirty work. They're pretty cool. I grab the Rainmaker and aim to head up the wall, but am still a bit uncertain as to how much ink I fire, leading to my taking too long, and getting caught up by chasing purple inklings. A quick check of the map shows that our position gets worse too.

We lose the lead, but I stop the Rainmaker with another Autobomb. My Ink Storm comes in useful too, splatting one inkling, keeping the Rainmaker shield down, and activating a nearby ink rail. I give the Rainmaker another shot (or five), but don't quite manage to clear the path ahead. At least super-jumping back is safe, and a squidmate is willing to carry the Rainmaker instead of me.

I help guide the Rainmaker up the wall, letting us retake the lead by a healthy amount, but wander in to danger a bit too readily. Heading back lets me sneak up a wall and behind an inkling, but she disappears before I can splat her, and things get too inky to be safe. I drop back down and retreat, and let my Autobombs work for me. Two of them splat the entire purple team. Nice!

We go back up the wall, and even though I miss one inkling squidding around me, I splat a peripheral inkling coming up the ramp, and the vertical flick works very well against the Ink Jet. That clears the way to splat the just-grabbed Rainmaker, keeping us in a good position. I then put myself in a pretty terrible position, surrounded by inklings. At least my squidmates are around to keep things positive, and one survives for me to super-jump mid-squidding. This new map is okay.

Another vertical flick splats another Ink Jet, but there's still too much ink flying around to keep me safe. I track the Rainmaker's progress, and drop down to send an Autobomb its way, but my squidmates beat the bomb to it. Ignore my falling to my doom, that isn't important, it's better just to appreciate my next couple of splats.

Everything seems nice and peaceful as the clock ticks down, and I squid a little to celebrate our victory. Woomy! Hey, our Aerospray has no score. Huh, it looks like we were missing him after five seconds. That's a pretty good result, although it looks like maybe two of the purple team were perhaps still learning the ropes.

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