A clear run with the Rainmaker [7(1)-0, Carbon Roller]

10th December 2017 – 7.00 pm

Aww, I deny my tenacious little Autobomb a splat by getting it myself. But it's a pretty good start to the battle, and I grab the Rainmaker to give us an early lead. I think I'm getting a better grip on the new model Rainmaker, and I use it quite effectively to ink a path and get some splats, with some good help from my squidmates.

Eventually, the yellow inklings stop throwing themselves at me, and I am encouraged forwards by the incoming Tenta Missiles. Those Missiles are great for forcing inklings to move, but because of that it's perhaps not a great idea to target the Rainmaker.

I'm up the ramp and facing a lot of yellow ink. A blast forwards inks a path, but I need another couple to clear the inklings coming from my flank. Squidmate ink probably does more for me here, which I'm grateful for. The path forwards looks clear, and a quick blast makes me unconcerned about the inkling hiding on the podium.

A bit of yellow ink covers my path, but a squidmate creates a new path for me, another providing covering fire further up, and it's a simple matter to squid uninterrupted to the podium for the dunk. Woomy!

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