First Blaster battle is in Rainmaker [23(7)-7, Blaster]

11th December 2017 – 7.00 am

I've got access to the Blaster, a weapon I've used in Splatoon, so let's give it a go. Rainmaker may not be the best mode for the Blaster, but I believe every weapon is viable in every mode, so I'm willing to give it a blast. I've also got some Object Shredder shoes, which sound like they should burst the Rainmaker shield more quickly, and have a Respawn Punisher jersey, because I'm not expecting much from me and would like the other team feel bad for splatting me.

It's a fair start to the battle. I try out the Toxic Mist a couple of times, but need to work out the nuances of using it from the Disruptor. I get caught by Tenta Missile whilst chasing a splat away from our Rainmaker carrier, and although our early lead is bettered, the purple team don't get much further, and the battle is still early. It's nice not to be splatted by the Rainmaker's shield when not in sight of the Rainmaker itself, and the Blaster gets me some good blasting splats as we recover possession.

I forge a path ahead, the Rainmaker close behind me, and get a decent Splashdown to protect me and the Rainmaker. We retake the lead, and extend on it significantly, but are overwhelmed by purple ink before we get too close to the podium. And this time, I am obviously too close to the Rainmaker as its shield explodes. We stop the purple team's first push, but in trying to recover the Rainmaker I am forced in to a poor position by a good Suction Bomb and more Tenta Missiles, and they push forwards again.

I'm caught by the Rainmaker after trying Toxic Mist again, but my squidmates stop the push. We have an extended battle over the Rainmaker, which we win by splatting most of the purple team away. The Rainmaker is taken down one route, as I chase a splat along the other, which doesn't go well for me, but maybe it's not so bad that I distract two of the purple inklings.

I tidy up on my return, trying to prevent some quick movement, and try to lie in wait for the Rainmaker. I'm spotted, though, and purple ink rains down on me. The purple team make a decent push, and are quite threatening as they get half-way to the podium, but my Blaster's blasts splat one inkling and gets two assists to bring the push to an end. Most ink is then focussed on the Rainmaker shield, where I'm hoping my Object Shredder kit is helping, and indeed we prevail, and push the Rainmaker back across the Shipyard.

We lose the Rainmaker as the battle ends, giving the purple team one last opportunity in extra time. My super-jump lands me safely, and I retreat as I see the Rainmaker choose a different route. There's enough ink to get me ahead of the Rainmaker, and with pressure on the purple team and not us, I splat the Rainmaker to end the battle. Woomy!

The Blaster is still a pretty good weapon. I'm not convinced about the Toxic Mist yet, and think it costs a lot of ink for what it does, and, with all blasters, could really use a way of inking walls. Here's hoping for some alternative kit in the future.

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