Keeping my nose clean in Turf War [1818p, 7(2)-1, N-ZAP '85]

12th December 2017 – 7.00 am

Ranked is still a bit of a mess, so I'm playing a bit of Turf War to guarantee some coins to be multiplied, thanks to one of Crusty Sean's snacks. The N-ZAP '85 worked for me before, so I'm giving it another outing. I'm even being sensible and inking our side of the Towers before trying to infiltrate the green side.

Although my attempt to hitch a ride on the ink rail doesn't quite work, at least I hit turf. And from where I am, getting across to the other side is pretty simple, albeit a bit obvious. No one is waiting for me, though, and I head upwards, inking as I go. I'm pretty sure someone is ahead of me, but thankfully it's just an Aerospray, and my superior range helps me stay unsplatted.

Or was it the Aerospray? A different inkling is hiding in a puddle and jumps me from behind. She feels the pressure, though, and I turn and splat, feeling a bit lucky. I know I'm in a tricky position now, under the green base, so dive off the ledge to make another circuit, once I fall off the bar.

I end up dropping right to the bottom, but the turf needs inking, and I manage to keep myself safe. I realise it's not about finding the biggest patch of turf to ink, but moving in to optimal positions for both inking and safety. There's no point moving forwards if it will get you splatted. If only I thought like this more often.

I'm finally caught out when I try to ambush a green inkling, but my aiming lets me down. So often it does that. I should get on to the practice range more. But with half-a-minute left, the battle looks to be ours to lose. And it could have been lost, had that inkling continued to head up our ramps, and I got a bit too close to getting splatted for comfort.

With a few seconds to go, we hold the central turf, splatting away the one inkling there. I make a slight error in activating my Ink Armour so close to the finish, as it cost me a second or so of inking time, but I don't think it mattered. A pretty good battle, I would say.

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