Covering the Splat Zones [10(3)-3, Carbon Roller]

14th December 2017 – 7.00 am

I'm not yet sure if I want to be flicking or rolling to start a Splat Zones battle. Flicking lets me move quickly, but perhaps I don't want to be the first to the Splat Zones as a Carbon Roller, and would prefer laying down a wider trail of ink for me to use. Not that rolling guarantees me lasting more than a few seconds anyway.

I roll a new route, recover ink, and make a move. I think my squidmate's bucket has more influence, but I add what green ink I can to the Splat Zones and turf surrounding it, mostly dropping in to a support role. That's turned on its head when I make another circuit, and come under the gaze of an E-litre 4K. A squidmate super-jumping to me attracts the attention of the brush I bypassed too. I'm feeling vulnerable.

An Autobomb comes to my rescue, and the super-jumping ring distracts the brush. My squidmate even gets the splat on landing, so everything worked out rather well. Well, we've lost the Splat Zones, but I circle back and help out there, right up until I squid in to an Autobomb.

My return to the Splat Zones is cautious, but quite successful. I even manage to dislodge the E-litre 4K again with another Autobomb. Those little guys are really handy. I'm splatted away, but spy the E-litre 4K's new spot when I am, and head back to deal with him. A squidmate gets there first, but I'm in a good spot to support the Splat Zones.

The Splat Zones get a bit hairy, and I drop back to where the E-litre 4K is once again perched above us. I try to take some of the pressure off, even when more pressure is added to me, using everything in my arsenal. It works too, the little Autobomb forcing the E-litre 4K off his perch and in to my Roller. Nice!

One more run through the Splat Zones helps push an inkling in to a squidmate's grasp, and we keep them green for the few seconds more required to get the knockout victory. Woomy!

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