First battle with the Rapid Blaster in Tower Control [11(2)-7, Rapid Blaster]

15th December 2017 – 7.00 pm

I didn't use the Rapid Blaster much before, and my perception of it was soured by so many inklings stacking far too much Damage Up kit with it that I didn't care to try it more. But it's here and available fairly early, and with Damage Up gone I'm happy to give it a go. Its blasts aren't as strong as the Blaster, but it has a much bigger range. That's good and bad. It's good to hit from further away, but as you need the blast to explode, you have to be much more careful about staying at optimal range. This will be interesting.

As usual, my aim is tested and comes up short fairly often, but this is something I continue to work on. I'm also still struggling a little to move as freely as I'm used to without ink resistance, as I build up functional kit. As a minor aside, I like that the Tower's goal pad can now be fully inked, rather than be a permanent dry patch.

The different sub weapons definitely need some getting used to. It's not that I'm not aware of them and their uses, like the Ink Mine here, but more that switching between weapons often has my forgetting which sub weapon I currently have. I'll often try to lob a Splat Bomb and do something completely different. At least no one probably notices.

At least I can use the Rapid Blaster to ink turf quite efficiently, with its decent range extending to ink nice lines here and there. And when I get my range right, like at 2'18" or so, the blast can be quite effective. Double splat! The Hero Charger Replica still out-ranges me, though. My attempt to flank him almost works, but super-jumping inklings get in my way.

We're pushing the Tower quite well, getting to the second checkpoint occasionally, whilst maintaining a pretty good defence, and we keep up that pressure right to the end of the battle. The Tower sits at the second checkpoint, with the purple team trying to knock us off. But we stick around and keep control of the Tower, giving us the victory.

The Rapid Blaster is pretty interesting. I'll probably try to get good with it at some point.

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