Splat Zones get splatty [12(5)-3, Carbon Roller]

15th December 2017 – 7.00 am

Heading down the side seems like a sensible move in the Academy, as long as not everyone does it. It lets me fling an Autobomb towards the green side, and roll up the side to the Splat Zones, with relative cover. Running in to another Roller almost ends with my being squished, but we both evade the other and approach from a different angle. I think my Carbon Roller flicked a bit quicker.

We capture the Splat Zones, and help to hold on to them for a bit, until I'm caught in a pincer movement. At least I splat one of them, and a squidmate avenges me moments after my splatting. I head back down the side, deeper this time, and bide my time with some flicks whilst everything looks a bit too clean. I move forwards under an Ink Storm, and manage to get the high turf to remove some of the inky pressure coming our way.

Getting two hits on that inkling without a splat is a little frustrating, but I do the sensible thing and back away instead of pushing forwards, which keeps me unsplatted, until the next time I push for a splat I shouldn't have. Turf changes from orange to green as I muddle my way up and down the central block, and just at the right time for me to get caught in the wrong colour. So it goes.

My squidmates do a good job of battling the green inklings as I return, flicking ink somewhat ineffectively from the side, which bolsters me to move to the centre. An Autobomb finds its mark, and I drop down too late for a splat, so instead ink orange ink over orange ink. My Ink Storm charges, though, and it would be a shame to waste it. I aim it towards the green base and let it fly.

More Autobombs from on high, and dropping down to miss a splat because my flick is vertical. I'm not quite sure what trigger the change in Roller orientation yet. Still, I head around the block in the opposite direction to the green inkling I missed, and get the splat, just as our counter hits zero. Nice finish! Woomy!

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