Lines of Mayonnaise in Splatfest [1849p, 5(2)-1, Firefin Splat Charger]

16th December 2017 – 7.00 am

Mixing up the weapons a bit in the Splatfest, I'm trying out the Firefin Splat Charger. I'm not convinced the thirsy Splash Wall will help me out too much, but the Suction Bomb Launcher should be much better than the Sting Ray in turf wars. I start methodically, inking long straight lines like only a charger can.

My first Bomb Launcher isn't as effective is it could be, but I'm really out of practice. I also see the downfall of having the Splash Wall sub-weapon be different from the Special weapon, in that I rarely pay attention to when the Special meter runs dry, and lobbing a Splash Wall I didn't mean to is much more disrupting than another bomb.

Few, the Splash Wall really is thirsty. It's great protection, but less so when I need to recover ink almost immediately. I'll need to vastly improve my aim, so that one shot I have left hits its target, because few inklings will stand on the other side of the Splash Wall waiting to be splatted.

My shoddy aim lets me down again and again. It almost seems like I need to be much more accurate than anyone that splats me, but I'm sure that's not true. At least my squidmates are around to get the splats and keep me safe. We also seem to have an awful lot of turf, as I find myself aiming towards the Ketchup base. This is going well!

Another Suction Bomb Launcher, another Splash Wall I probably didn't want. It's a new weapon, I forget what the sub-weapon is. At least I get that shiny-headed inkling on the container this time. But we have been infiltrated. I track backwards, and get a hit on the troublesome inkling, but not quite a fully charged hit.

The Ketchup damage looks minimal. We're doing just fine. We stop a couple more inklings from trying to spread their ketchup, and I manage to get a couple of direct hits to keep our position strong. One last Bomb Launcher, and a few last shots here and there, and the battle is over.

Our Mayonnaise is everywhere. But one inkling sneaked past us, and looks to have launched a bunch of Curling Bombs. Good job, inkling. Even so, the victory is ours.

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