Rolling in Mayonnaise Splatfest [1565p, 7-3, Carbon Roller]

16th December 2017 – 7.00 pm

Another weapon change. Let's give the Carbon Roller a go. Everyone concentrates a bit too much on our base to start the battle. We need to claim some turf near the centre before we have to fight for it, and my Roller really isn't the right weapon for this. Still, I get in to a decent position and let an Autobomb do the work for me. Good bot.

The Ketchup team come to meet us with Specials charged. The Tenta Missiles aren't much of a threat when we've got lots of turf to move through, and the Ink Jet falls to the vertical Roller flick. I use my own Special, the Ink Storm messing up the Ketchup, and lurk around the centre of the hall to defend more than attack.

It's not a bold strategy to sit in the middle and hold our turf, but you only need to ink more turf than the other team to win. If we have well over half of the turf inked our colour, it's more sensible to hold what we can then push for more, potentially getting us splatted and opening holes for the other team to exploit.

Even so, I push forwards when opportunity knocks, and although I ink turf and get splats, the partial hits on one inkling cause me to get more saucy than I like, letting a splash of tomato juice splat me away. Our turf control looks good still, encouraging me to super-jump back. Another couple of ineffective partial hits is discouraging, but getting an Autobomb to shepherd an inkling to me for a splat is good.

My flicking is not as powerful as I expect at the moment. I need to practice that, so that my opponents don't get a chance to splat me back. It doesn't help in this battle, and almost compromises winning position. But the ingress of ketchup is not as bad as it looks on the map, and we win comfortably.

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