3 vs 3 Splat Zones [10(2)-2, Carbon Roller]

19th December 2017 – 7.00 am

Whoops, there goes a squidmate, before the battle even begins. That also explains the lingering shot of the Shipyard. I don't fancy our chances, but come out swinging anyway. As it turns out, the green team lose a squidmate at the start too, not that I realise at the time, so the battle is more even-handed than I imagine.

Our lack of squidmate, and not realising the same is true of the other side, explains my cautious nature in the battle. I never really want to get splatted serially, and it's more likely to happen when a squidmate down, but my caution pays off. Holding back and waiting for opportunity lets me play a bit more tactically. I should remember this, but probably won't.

We take the lead, and look to be sitting pretty on turf control. That is, right up until the Splat Roller rolls right over the top of two of us looking in the other direction. The green team capture the Splat Zones from us and continue their earlier score, but rather than rush back to our splatty doom we again bide our time, waiting for the right opportunity.

Some ink thrown here and there, plus an Autobomb or two, and the way forward looks a bit clearer. Some tidying up here and there, splatting away super-jumpers, and the Splat Zones are ours once more. I once again hold my ground, seeing little reason to push forwards aggressively when missing an inkling, and get some curious splats. One must be from my Ink Storm, the other an Autobomb. I'll take them.

Despite watching my back, once more it is the Splat Roller who splats me. And re-captures the Splat Zones for his team. I'm not even mad, that's some good inking he's doing. We need to look for another gap. Or make one. An Autobomb holds one inkling on a block, my flicking pushes him off the block, the Autobomb splats him. Nice! Some flicks push an inkling off a block, rolling around catches his ankles, and my Ink Storm finishes the splat. Also nice!

We capture the Splat Zones again, and a squidmate splats the Splat Roller just before he gets to me. Good job! My squidmates sacrifices themselves for the Splat Zones, and I hold the turf in their absence. It's a good system, I would say, particularly as, shortly after their return, we achieve the knockout victory. Woomy!

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