Back with the bucket in Tower Control [11(4)-3, Tri-slosher]

19th December 2017 – 7.00 pm

I've been a little reluctant to pick up the Tri-slosher immediately, mostly because so many inklings have found its joy and I don't want to seem like a Johnny-come-lately. But it was my favourite weapon before, and when I struggle a bit with other weapons it is always my comfort weapon. So here I am. Even before the battle begins, as I become inkling on the base, I have a massive grin on my face. Of course I do.

I'm still super-aggressive with the bucket, perhaps a little too much, but it goes well at the start, getting three splats within seconds. I then remember that the Disruptor is no more, as a Burst Bomb lobbed near my feet does nothing. I need to get used to that. The Ink Armour I'm familiar with by now, and I still don't like jumping inklings.

Our initial push nearly gets us to the second checkpoint, but the orange team push back. Although I just about get the Ink Armour activated, I am still in a big puddle of ink, and it just takes a couple of seconds longer to be splatted. The Tower then trundles on and we lose the lead. We retake the Tower and push it back again, though.

Slipping off the Tower lets me look for splatting opportunity, and this time the jumping inkling gains nothing from jumping. I hope he learns from this. I back off to avoid some ink and activate my Ink Armour as the Tower hits the second checkpoint, squidding forwards again and dodging this way and that to splat back the orange team.

We regain the lead, and hold some good turf. I push forwards with a squidmate to keep the orange team occupied, which goes well and lets the Tower move forwards to the third checkpoint. We stall for a second, but my squidmates super-jump to the Tower to keep its position, and I follow behind.

I drop a couple of Burst Bombs as I land on the Tower, always a good use for them, and hit the goal moments later. A squidmate kept the Tower moving, but it's good to be there for the knockout victory. Woomy!

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