Bumped off the goal in Tower Control [16(6)-5, Tri-slosher]

20th December 2017 – 7.00 am

There's the normal ruckus centred on the Tower to start with, but we come out of it better off. Standing on the Tower near the centre is a pretty good place for a Tri-slosher too, with the height advantage and open space. It closes down soon enough, but I enjoy the sloshing when I can, and hop off when it becomes sensible to do so. Another Ink Armour is activated, but not even that can save us from concentrated orange ink.

My decision to flank seems good, but my timing is a little off. Super-jumping back shows what a strong lock Tenta Missiles get on you, and I'm glad they don't hit just as I land. We fight over the Tower in the middle again, and get the better of the orange team once more.

The push goes well, and after all the splats have cleared, we scrape past the second checkpoint. The orange team push the Tower back, and past the middle to get more than a single-digit score. We stop them before the first checkpoint, though. Tidying up the orange ink charges my Ink Armour, prevents easy movement by the orange team, and bags a splat here and there for the team

We get the Tower moving again, with my squidmates ahead clearing the path. They do a great job, allowing me to watch for trouble whilst casually sloshing on the Tower. Having passed them already, we sail past the checkpoints, but just as we reach the goal, orange ink hits from two sides, knocking my Ink-armoured self off the Tower.

The Tower continues for a moment by itself, pushing it to the goal. I wonder if this counts as being on the Tower for the victory?

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