Supporting mostly from the back in Tower Control [10(2)-3, Splat Charger]

21st December 2017 – 7.00 am

I don't think my skill level is keeping pace with others', with so many inklings racing past their 20s and in to the 30s, whilst I linger in my teens. But I am hoping that sticking to weapons I know, and roles I know, I can at least support my team, which is why I hang back as much as possible. I really now doubt my ability to get splats with a Splat Charger inside its optimal range. Swimming backwards away from a Tri-slosher is tricky too.

My Squidmates get the Tower to the first checkpoint and, with Specials flowing, beyond. I'm nearly from behind by the Tri-slosher, but a Splat Bomb saves me. I can't get them to save the Tower, though, and the green team start heading back our way, shiny in their Ink Armour. I beat a hasty-ish retreat, hindered by the Tri-slosher's handiwork.

We are pushed back a fair distance, but that's okay by me. I get a straightforward shot at the inkling riding the Tower front and centre, and although Tenta Missiles come my way as I pull out a Sting Ray, I remain mobile enough to avoid them and threat enough to get a splat anyway.

The green team come back our way again, hitting the first checkpoint, and the most I can do is temporarily cover some of their ink. And although I splat the Tenta Missile launcher with my Sting Ray, I get a bit turned around as I dodge the Missiles, and am splatted in return. But my squidmates are back on the Tower.

That's a lot of green ink in our territory, which simply is not good for us. I start inking over it, before trying to work out where one inkling goes. It's not until later in the evening, when I go to the ledge near that sponge, that I realise that the sponge does not touch the wall there, and I'm wasting my time. Still, I get him eventually, with the Sting Ray too. Nice!

As we effectively battle over turf, an enterprising squidmate rides the Tower forwards, dragging the green team with him. I see his call to follow, and first think I would be silly to drop down in to trouble, and then see how far he's got. Yes, let's go forwards with you! I'll just splat this lagging inkling first. I even get bold, and as the eventually empty Tower trundles back my way, I hop on, ignoring my idea to hang back purely as support. I'm reminded quickly why that was my initial plan.

The map looks much more orange now. It's still a mistake to super-jump all the way forwards, but at least a hastily dropped Splat Bomb gets a splat in return. Our lead gives us the security of simply needing to defend too, which we've been doing most of the time anyway. The pressure on the green team even opens up another opportunity to push the Tower.

As time runs out, our pressure has let us push the Tower in to green territory again, and a Sting Ray helps discourage the inklings from riding the Tower, awarding us the victory without the need for extra time. Woomy!

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