The tide is out in Salmon Run [22-22-22, 14/558]

21st December 2017 – 7.00 pm

Yes! Tri-slosher to start! And low tide, which generally simplifies a Salmon Run. The bosses can only come along one of three strands, with the only drawback being that you can get isolated when down one of the strands. Even that is mitigated somewhat in Marooner's Bay, compared to Spawning Grounds, as two of the strands loop in to each other.

It's always worth holding back at the start of low tide, in case there's a swarm of Cohocks and a cannon is needed, but not this time, so I drop down and start sloshing. All goes smoothly to start with, easing us in to the run, and it's only when a Flyfish appears that we're first tested. We come out of that okay, and deal with the Stinger on the other side of the coast.

Although a squidmate is in trouble near the end of the wave, we have Golden Eggs aplenty to gather and little threat near the basket, so I grab a couple more before sloshing my way over to revive them. It's good for morale. Back to the ship, and back to the low-tide coast, this time with a Heavy Splatling. I do my best to hold back and lay down lots of covering ink, but can't resist grabbing a Golden Egg. But it's my misstep with Maws that gets me in to trouble.

I get back in to a good supporting position, cracking open Scrappers, which gets us a healthy number of Golden Eggs, but a Flyfish once again makes a pain of itself. At least our Splat Roller stays safe, and rolls back to the revive the three of us, all sitting near the basket ready to drop a Golden Egg just in time to boost our second-wave numbers. Woomy!

The tide stays low, and I have some fast-shooting Dapple Dualies. That'll do. Still no Cohocks, making this one of the more straightforward Salmon Runs I've been on. Straightforward doesn't mean easy, though, and taking on a Flyfish by myself is perhaps not wise. But letting it run riot isn't wise either. At least one of my squidmates isn't far behind, although I have to return the favour of reviving them after they revive me.

Things aren't quite going to plan any more. There are boss salmonids everywhere, spreading ink and wreaking havoc, and not many Golden Eggs are being collected. I decide to focus a bit more on egg collecting, given that there are quite a few lying around at the moment, with boss-splatting being a secondary task. It works quite well, particularly when a Maws sneaks under me next to the basket, when I have enough ink for a Splat Bomb. More Golden Eggs for easy collection!

A Flyfish, multiple Drizzlers, and a Stinger cause problems for my squidmates as I manage to get out of the ink to squid towards some Golden Eggs, and I revive them on my way back. But it's only when I try to grab one last egg that I remember my Splashdown. That probably would have helped earlier. Never mind. We complete the run successfully, and with some consistency. Nice!

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