Not quite far enough in Tower Control [20(4)-6, Tri-slosher]

24th December 2017 – 7.00 am

A slight pause for the Octobrush to forget about me seems like a good idea, but he has a memory longer than an Octoling. Still, I splat him as well. I think about hitting the other flank, but a purple splotch draws me to the same side as before. It's just residue, but as my squidmates are pushing the Tower I continue to flank for splats. I get one, but get unlucky going for a second. And the Tower resets.

I adopt a defensive position on my return, getting some height and sloshing down, with the occasional opportunistic Burst Bomb. It does well when sloshing passively, but as soon as I move aggressively on the advancing Tower I am splatted away. I was an obvious target, I suppose. I try to be less obvious and go the long way to the Tower, which kind of works, but not before the purple team reach the second checkpoint. It's not a great compromise.

At least I hop on the Tower and ride it back towards the centre, hopping off to splat a threatening Roller, then the Octobrush, and ending up abandoning the Tower to splat the whole of the purple team sequentially. Good for me, not so much for the team, but my squidmates take over the Tower, so I suppose it works out.

We keep the Tower moving and I slosh ink here and there, to claim turf and look for splats. We move to the second checkpoint and mostly keep the purple team at bay, but this close to the base it gets more difficult, and we are eventually overwhelmed. The purple team push the Tower back our way.

I clear a couple of inklings out of the way and hop back on to the Tower with a squidmate to keep our victory hopes alive. I flounder against a wall as we get close to the checkpoint, which may help me avoid being splatted on the wrong side of a Splash Wall, and get some more splats to help us move to the checkpoint. But, once more, we are splatted off the Tower, moments before taking the lead.

The purple team reset the Tower and, with little time left, seem content to mostly defend. But they hop on the Tower as the battle ends, to avoid extra time, and I can't quite get there myself and splat the inklings off to give us one last chance.

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