Not just Autobombs in Splat Zones [13(4)-3, Carbon Roller]

28th December 2017 – 7.00 pm

I let my Autobombs do the work to start the battle, but it's a bit lame and I know it. It also doesn't help maintain the Splat Zones effectively, so I move in, and get splatted. That serves me right for holding back. I don't rush in next time either, but that's because it would be foolish to do so. Instead, I hold back and flick ink, pop my beak over the crest to look for splats, and retreat when it isn't.

Opportunity comes when I launch my Ink Storm, giving me dots of ink to move around in. I spot an inkling being passive, much like I was, and punish him, moments before he gets covered in Ink Armour. And with inklings being splatted and turf being inked, more opportunities arise, and we re-capture the Splat Zones. That's better.

Now I can use my Autombombs with better conscience, launching them in to green territory from captured Splat Zones. One gets a nice assist on the Squiffer, and although an Autobomb can't help me with an Inkjet, my Caron Roller's vertical flick does nicely. That's when the Octobrush finds me once again. Not a problem! We're nicely in the lead now.

Another Autobomb splat, which I don't witness, and moving up nearly catches the Octobrush and Squiffer, but the Octobrush catches me slightly overshooting my mark. So it goes. I cross paths with the Octobrush again, but I manage to avoid him, and am able to help capture and hold the Splat Zones instead.

I get a lucky splat here, and a nice flicking splat there, the latter to avenge two squidmates, and before an Inkjet can splat me, the battle is won. Woomy!

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