Too blue Splat Zones [26(7)-5, Carbon Roller]

29th December 2017 – 7.00 am

Okay, maybe I'm still getting the hang of the vertical flick. I almost never jumped whilst flicking before, so I'm learning fresh. I like that my first splat comes from an Autobomb, though, particularly as I had forgotten about it whilst trying to flick for a splat. I keep going for a bit, getting my first Ink Storm going, but ink management is my downfall.

I come back to tidy up a bit, and ink a nice path for us as I charge my Special, as the Splat Zones are yellow anyway. But they could always use maintaining. I move up to ink and look for splats, and drop back to avoid being hit. We take the lead, which is good, as my flanking gets another splat, but, despite all that, and a couple more splats, the blue team re-capture the Splat Zones.

I worry we've lost our Tri-slosher, but he's probably just checking the map. I head back to the Splat Zones to protect our lead, and make them pretty yellow and splat a couple of inklings, but the blue ink comes from somewhere, and the other team snatches the lead from us. I keep myself unsplatted and make a circuit to be more effective, and help to capture the Splat Zones again, as an Autobomb sneaks up on an unsuspecting inkling. Another one acts as a good decoy, too. Good boys!

A bit of a melee follows, with the blue team winning the turf battle, and extending their lead somewhat, but we're putting up a good fight still. I help capture the Splat Zones back, and keep inking the turf, up until I am shown my lack of experience of flicking ink down a steep slope. The Tri-slosher sloshing upwards doesn't have the same problem.

I think a lack of ink will get me splatted again, but my squidmates do a great job to splat the blue inklings away, letting me line up a super-jumper. The super-jumper anticipates this and lands with a Splashdown. I'm not even mad, that was excellent! The blue team own the Splat Zones again, though, and we're going to have to work hard to take the lead now.

I manage to launch an Ink Storm and get a quad-splat of sorts, and follow-up with more inking and splatting, but my focus drops just enough from the Splat Zones to let enough blue ink through that we aren't able to continue in to extra time for long. That was a fun battle! Well played, blue team.

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