Just about surviving the Salmon Run [21-13-20, 14/541]

30th December 2017 – 7.00 pm

There's little drama for the first half of this Salmon Run. A Stinger is an easy start, and the Scrapper and Maws aren't too troublesome, even if a couple of inklings succumb to the salmonids. Naturally, it's the Flyfish that starts causing trouble, as we still try to deal with a Maws and deliver Golden Eggs.

As I try to line up a Splat Bomb throw, whilst recovering the ink to throw one, and repel the salmonid hordes, I realise I'm the only inkling standing. Thankfully I manage to do something about that, and combine two Maws converging on me with a Splashdown, but it was close. The Maws aren't splatted, though, and there's the Flyfish and a Scrapper around. I just do my best to stay afloat, as my squidmates recover and rejoin the fray.

The first wave comes to an end, as I manage to stay unsplatted, but I turn around to see I'm the only one. That was too close again. And, oh good, it stays at high tide for the second wave. Shortly in to the second wave comes our first Steel Head. I nearly manage to splat it on the first go, thanks to a nice Splat Bomb rolled behind a Scrapper, but my aim wavers just slightly. So it goes.

I think my second Splashdown will be well used next to two Scrappers, but as it didn't splat both maybe it could have been saved. Either way, we have eggs to collect and we are all afloat, more or less. I get splatted when I get snagged by the basket, which is a pain. But I'm revived, and we make quota, so now we just need to survive a little longer. That seems simple enough, until Steel Eels are going this way and that, and ink is being Drizzled everywhere.

We nearly don't make it again, but our Slosher wisely chooses to run away than risk getting close to revive us, and we make it to the third wave. Now we have more room to work with. But the sky is darkening. Ah, fog. Just what we need. And two bosses, Great Zapfish knows where. The Steel Eels isn't so bad, and the Drizzler could have caused problems if I didn't get lucky with sloshing its missile back at it. Maybe this wave will go more smoothly than the other two.

Although the boss salmonids start accumulating and causing all sorts of inky trouble for us, we splat enough of them to keep the Golden Eggs available, and the increased room of mid-tide allows us space to run them around a bit. It all gets a bit hairy as the wave draws to a close, but nothing quite as bad as the first two waves.

In the end, it's a successful Salmon Run, with a decent enough tally of Golden Eggs. But it could have gone wrong quite a few times.

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