For the want of one egg in Salmon Run [20-15-12, 12/646]

4th January 2018 – 7.00 am

Argh, the Nozzlenose! Well, I suppose firing it is much like the Tri-slosher, otherwise is a shooter-cum-Squiffer. Maybe Mr Grizz will be the one who makes me appreciate it. Or maybe not, with the skies darkening in the first wave in the Lost Outpost, which I'm barely familiar with. And it's a Goldie wave, which really isn't that easy, the little bugger hiding in the drains.

I remember that the collecting the Golden Eggs is the role that gets neglected the most when hunting Goldie, so I make a point of picking them up instead of chasing Goldie for more. And luckily so do my squidmates. We make quote after finding Goldie twice. Now, if only my squidmates realised that we could just sit back for thirty-five seconds. But never mind, surviving Goldie is simple enough, and we get a few more Golden Eggs for Mr Grizz.

The Splash-o-matic I can use, and I know where low-tide is in the Outpost. Everything goes relatively smoothly for a while too, and I get a bit of luck when a second Maws chases me soon after a first, as a salmonid smacks me out of being stuck in Maws's ink. It lets me deliver the egg I'm carrying, but I go right back and get stuck in the ink again. So it goes. Jumping across the murky water to get some distant eggs seems like a good idea, until I turn around and see two squidmates in rubber rings, but it all works out.

Splat Charger for me for the third wave, low tide again, and a Cohock wave. That means cannons! I'm not the only inkling who likes the cannons, and realising that we need to collect the eggs, I let my squidmate have the pleasure of manning the cannon and go wandering. It looks like a good strategy, right up until Cohocks block one path and a Stinger is gunning for me. I try to get to a cannon to add some firepower, but I'm stung just before I clamber in.

We only need two more Golden eggs to complete the wave, and there are three near the basket. I head that way, trying to avoid incoming ink, but get stuck just close enough to a Steelhead's bomb to be splatted again. I can see the basket in front of me, my Nozzlenose squidmate inks her way over me, but my rubber ring doesn't appear in time to let me be revived.

One Golden Egg away from completing the run. So close.

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