Sloshing around the edges in Tower Control [20(5)-7, Tri-slosher]

6th January 2018 – 7.00 am

Not a great Burst Bomb, straight in to the wall. Not great sloshing either, taking on the Slosher with my green bucket. I'm a little surprised we both got splatted. I hold back a bit as a result, which helps repel the first purple push, and only goes wrong when I get overly aggressive as our first push goes well. Ink Armour doesn't hold out for long.

I manage to stop the Tower on its return, although the Rapid Blaster is clearly expecting some ink falling on the Tower from above. It's worth the trade, although I still entirely dislike habitual jumpers. I stick with Burst Bombs from a distance in defence, and let my squidmates ride the Tower as I cover the purple ink that's come too far our way.

I push up again as the Tower moves ahead, and this time it works a bit better. The Ink Armour protects me from one hit, and a squidmate from another, and I manage to squid past the Rapid Blaster's shots. And despite being perhaps a little predictable, I get the splat, as well as getting the upper tentacle on the Slosher this time. He gets his own back pretty quickly, though.

I have a brush with an Octobrush, before working a different angle and getting sloshed again when trying to clear the Tower. My squidmates are still around to ride it in the right direction, though, and I come back to sweep up behind their push. Maybe battling with the Rapid Blaster is paying off too, as she ignores the Tower to concentrate on me, which seems like a mistake.

Well, it's a mistake by not making sure of my being splatted. When the Tower no longer can be ignored, I move on the flank and help splat the inklings away and keep the Tower moving. We advance our lead nicely, almost reaching the goal, but the concentration of purple ink picks up, and everyone is splatted away. Nearly everyone.

I hang around to cause a bit more trouble, which works nicely for a while. I'm finally splatted, but with fifteen seconds left and the purple team needing almost a knockout to win, we're in a comfortable position. Indeed, my squidmates re-take control of the Tower, and I have just enough time to super-jump back to enjoy the victory. Woomy!

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