Splats around The Reef in Tower Control [22(1)-7, Tri-slosher]

6th January 2018 – 7.00 pm

My initial flank works quite well, but I really did have enough time to activate Ink Armour. So it goes. Surveying the situation on my return sees everything really quite orange. It's dangerous to rush in, so I measure circumstances briefly before moving. I get some nice splats, and help recover some turf. I also remember my Ink Armour. Nice!

My squidmates steal the lead, as I hit the flank, as an orange inkling protects the flank. I wouldn't say I react in time as much as the inkling runs in to my sloshes, which works for me. That lets me get behind the orange defence and help our push continue, but I am stopped when I don't see the Suction Bomb sitting where I try to activate my Ink Armour.

The orange team make a good push, but we are not rushed to defend, letting us be more measured. As the Tower starts moving back the way it came, I move forwards to claim some turf, and somehow come out on the right end of a splat against the Rapid Blaster. I must have been an ink drop away from being splatted, as the Slosher proves.

Heading in to orange territory is dangerous, and I'm not sure I should have lasted as long as I did. I also feel a bit skeevy about hiding under the ledge. In my defence, it was in defence, really having nowhere else to go, and I wasn't purposely hiding to ambush the inklings dropping down. That's not terribly sporting, and I try not to do it.

The orange team's next push is repelled, and I try to hold the centre turf, being somewhat aggressive in my sloshing. It's gone well so far, hence my increasingly aggressive posture, and it continues to pay off. The orange team have one last chance, pushing the battle in to extra time, but their support is splatted away, and then the inkling on the Tower, awarding us the victory. Woomy!

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