Becoming less clear in Invisibility Splatfest [887p, 10(3)-2, Tri-slosher]

7th January 2018 – 7.00 am

I like the green bucket, and even though I'm not convinced it's the best choice for Turf Wars I'm sure I can at least be effective with it. Even so, our mixed-weapon group of invisibility inklings may be at a disadvantage to the all-shooter Flight team. Still, I make the best of the Tri-slosher at first sight of the opposition, getting some height and sloshing down, breaking through Ink Armour for the splat.

The inkling on the block is outside of my bucket's range, which I expertly spot and retreat briefly, but follow up to get closer, just as the inkling drops down. That suits me, as does two more inklings following behind. That'll do. And although I miss the Disruptor, I am getting used to the utility of the Burst Bombs.

I'm eventually splatted away by a well-thrown Splat Bomb, as my sloshes go a little awry, but the Academy looks nice and green, and we seem able to hold the territory well. Because of that, I take the opportunity to ink some edges before heading back to the centre.

I get a bit inky when encountering a couple of inklings in quick succession, but stay green, much like the turf, and as the battle has under thirty seconds to go everything looks quite cosy. But circumstances can change quickly. In the last fifteen seconds, we lose most of our team, letting the blue team run rampant at a crucial moment. I'm one of the splatted, and all I can do is look at the map.

It seems our lead is slipping away. It all looked so comfortable not too long ago! And we have lost, by a tiny margin. So it goes.

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