Inking the Academy in Invisibility Splatfest [1833p, 11(3)-1, Tri-slosher]

7th January 2018 – 7.00 pm

Sticking with the bucket for now, and we're back in the Academy. Early inking in a safe zone is a straightforward start, and I use my Burst Bombs as minor threats when moving in to the more contested area. My sloshing the wall of the central structure is meant to get me up to the top, but I change my mind in case I've been seen, and jink to the side instead. Maybe it works, it's hard to say.

I provide moral support for a squidmate's splat before activating Ink Armour, which gets me a couple of assists as I try to work my way back up the ramp. Caution pays off, as I stay unsplatted, although a squidmate suffers from a bubble. The blue ink catches up with me eventually, but I've put in a good stint so far.

I pause as Tenta Missiles fly in, taking cover from some, inking over the mess one makes, before heading down our flank. I drop down on the far side, so as not to be spotted, and spy some ink flying as I come around the side. My appearance is well-timed, splatting the inkling there, and one super-jumping in. And, despite yet another poorly thrown Burst Bomb, I avoid attention from a third inkling, and splat him instead.

Things are looking pretty blue, though, so it's time to get some height and spread some invisible ink. Both Tri-slosher and Burst Bombs do this, and get me splats too. The only drawback to my enthusiastic inking is that my tank runs out. But that can always be refilled, and my squidmates are around for support when I need it.

A few bubbles are wafted over the Flight side of the Academy as the clock ticks down, and with good central coverage too, our victory is assured. Woomy!

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