Shifty rolling in Invisibility Splatfest [1726p, 8(2)-2, Carbon Roller]

9th January 2018 – 7.00 am

Time for some fun with the Carbon Roller, for varying definitions of 'fun'. The Carbon Roller can be great to roll with, but it really does require either a blank canvas, like at the start of a battle, or a good amount of your ink to squid around in for surprise splats. And those surprise splats come less frequently with the weakened flick, but that's a separate matter.

For Turf War, where you need to constantly reclaim inked turf, the Carbon Roller is a little weak, with its lack of projection. But that is mitigated somewhat by the improved vertical flick, the Ink Storm is a nice Special weapon to frustrate the opponents, and the robot chicken is just fun wherever.

Previous battles in this Splatfest have shown that being aggressively forwards with the Carbon Roller only gets me splatted, with little turf gain, so I deliberately hold back this time, with the intention of preventing blue ingression, and keeping what turf I can inked. I get bold occasionally too, rolling around the blue side after a nice splat on the Squiffer.

In general, though, getting close to blue inklings where there is an unhealthy amount of blue ink is too dangerous for me, as I can't escape quickly. My Autobombs do well to push inklings in one direction or another, which often drops their concentration from where they want to go, and the vertical flick can ink a path to move at a decent speed if I need to, which looks like it may be necessary as the blue team encroach on our turf with few seconds remaining.

I head away from the blue team, as my squidmates go towards them, and start rolling when it looks safe. From the map, it looks like my squidmates did a good job of pushing the blue team back, and I managed to roll a decent path on our side. In the end, it's a comfortable victory for us. Woomy!

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