In the line of woomy in Tower Control [21(2)-5, Tri-slosher]

12th January 2018 – 7.00 pm

I think better of trying to sneak past the Tower to hit the green team's flank. It rarely worked in the previous Port Mackerel. The green Roller finds out that it is a bit harder now too. I tidy up a bit, not fully realising that my squidmates are pushing the Tower, but I find an inkling to play with back here.

I move up and find the Roller trying to do the opposite, and am happy to have Ink Armour as he Splashes down, before I mess up another Burst Bomb throw and fall back to sloshing the Sloshing Machine. We lose the Tower, though, and I can't backtrack quickly or safely enough, so hold my turf to look for opportunity. It almost comes, but the green team jump on the Tower anyway.

We tussle over the Tower, and somehow I manage to stay inked but unsplatted, until the Roller exacts some nice revenge from behind. My squidmates recover the Tower, so I hit the flank to try to be sneaky, but the Tower issue isn't quite resolved. I still find trouble further up, and more than I can handle. Even so, I don't think the Roller came out if it fairly.

Flanking the next green push almost results in an excellent tally of splats, but my little bucket can't quite reach or ink the green inklings enough, and I simply find myself out-numbered. But it nearly was amazing, and I get a splat and an assist out of it. I come out of the next encounter much better, losing the Splattershot and not really knowing what's happening, and I can't help but feel lucky again.

My attempts to clear the Tower are temporary, and deciding to clear the inklings supporting the Tower from behind reminds me once more not to run towards a Sting Ray in action. You just don't know how far away they are. Or who's with them. Still, my squidmates are nicely in control, and re-take the Tower back to the green side of the Port for the first time in a while.

Supporting the Tower gets some decent splats, and I even hop on briefly, until a squidmate joins me and I feel superfluous to needs. That lets me hit the flank and get a trio of splats, just missing out on the fourth. It's quite a massacre, and no one is left to stop the Tower trundling back the way it came.

With seconds left in the battle, we only need to defend our modest lead, which just means being sensible and not panicking. I think we do that. And I get a nice pair of headphones out of things. Woomy!

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