Going against the flow in Rainmaker [13(2)-9, Tri-slosher]

14th January 2018 – 7.00 am

I'm not worried about the low battery as much as that inkling inking his way to our podium, in preparation of a purple Rainmaker drive. I suspect he will be an irritating presence for most of the battle, and I would do well to ignore him, if not his ink. I can't help but feel responsible for our defence, though. Still, I should probably be more concerned about the Rainmaker itself.

My squidmates move the Rainmaker away from our podium and at least get us a score, but the purple team seem to be everywhere, much like their ink. It's looking tough even to defend, let alone make any progress. But as we claim the Rainmaker a second time, I try what the other inkling did and advance to ink a path, and maybe keep it clear of inklings. I don't do too badly, even if the Rainmaker isn't able to follow me.

The Rainmaker is pushed to the purple side of the Academy, though, and it stays there for a little while. I drag my heels getting there myself, mostly because I'm expecting it to come right back, and I'd rather they encountered the green ink of resistance rather than a smooth run, and tidy up as I go. But when I move up, I am quite effective. I squeeze under the Sting Ray and become a distraction. Getting three splats helps too, and our squidmate romps in to the lead, nearly getting the knockout victory! Nice!

I'm beginning to believe, so race back to the purple side, but they are back in control of the Rainmaker and are spreading purple ink again. I think it's time to adopt a defensive posture. But attack is a good form of defence, so I move up to try to keep the Rainmaker out of purple tentacles, but my sloshing lets me down. Throwing a Burst Bomb in to a wall doesn't help either. My squidmates splat the Rainmaker nicely short of our territory, though.

Time runs out, but with the Rainmaker back in purple tentacles. That means extra time. All we have to do is prevent the purple team from sneaking the lead, which means we have plenty of turf to work in and we don't need to rush in to trouble. Even so, despite my tactical positioning, they look to get much closer than I intended.

I think we did really well, considering the general flow of that battle. And I'm glad I was able to contribute at a couple of vital points. Woomy!

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