The Rainmaker goes both ways [15(5)-9, Tri-slosher]

14th January 2018 – 7.00 pm

E-litre chargers remain annoying, unfortunately, but I get to have a bit of fun with the Rainmaker kind of as a result. I get a fair distance, but the blue team recover it and look to want to get splats more than advance their lead. Whatever, weirdoes. What's worse is my timing to activate my Ink Armour, right after a squidmate did it. I need to pay more attention. Either way, it emboldens me to charge the Rainmaker, and helps me splat the Nozzlenose.

I don't manage to sneak up on the E-litre 4K, which isn't a surprise when I am sloshing my ink ahead of me. At least my squidmates have grabbed the Rainmaker, and I can super-jump back to them to support with my bucket. We take the lead from the blue team, and when we lose the Rainmaker I take a step back to avoid getting splatted for nothing. Instead, I get some height, and apply some inky pressure, splatting the brush and, better yet, the E-litre 4K.

The blue team's focus on the Rainmaker left them vulnerable, and with them splatted away and the Rainmaker in front of us, I grab it and push to increase our lead. I'm splatted quickly, but in a good position for the battle. The squidbagging by the Octobrush seems unnecessary. The blue team try another push, but maybe 'push' is the wrong word, as the E-litre 4K treads backwards with the Rainmaker for a while, and doesn't get to the middle of the port before losing it.

As we battle for possession, I sneak around the side to try to surprise the blue team. It doesn't really work, much like the E-litre 4K looking to get a cheeky splat. He has to panic-fire to recover the situation, but maybe he shouldn't be so cocky in the first place. Meanwhile, the Rainmaker is coming our way, and with plenty of support.

We only just stop the Rainmaker before the blue team steals the lead, sloshed in mid-air with support. And with less than thirty seconds to go, we need to be careful with our defence. The Rainmaker is grabbed and moved up a bit, but not much, and the blue team starting inking its shield.

It looks too dangerous to contest the shield, so instead I let them burst the Rainmaker free from a safe distance, and go for stopping the Rainmaker itself. That does the trick. Woomy!

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