Taking back the Splat Zones [14(3)-6, Tri-slosher]

15th January 2018 – 7.00 am

Activating the ink rail as a distraction clearly doesn't fool that Octobrush, and I bet that's not the last I'll see of him. I try to be more pragmatic on my return, hoping to neutralise the Splat Zones and dropping down only when there's clear opportunity. But, as happens curiously often these days, I overshoot my target and end up victim to a Splashdown that I react too late to avoid. So it goes.

Everyone's hurting as I return, which isn't a good sign. I decide not to be quite so direct, just in case, and end up finding a good position to slosh from. We even briefly capture the Splat Zones. I should probably try to stick around here for a bit. I do some loops, keeping turf inked, and I think my ink-rail gambit pays off a little. Or the brush is covering our Burst and Splat Bomb ink.

My Burst Bomb throwing still needs work, as I keep hitting walls and not inklings, but I hold my position fairly well. It's only when an Ink Storm passes overhead that I get a bit inky. Still, we've take the lead, which is good! The teal team capture the Splat Zones soon after, and my running in to a Splashdown doesn't help us much. I take the alternative route down, and help neutralise the Splat Zones, as well as fight over super-jumper splats.

I activate the ink rail again, and this time decide to ride it, to see what happens. I am ignored, which is good, and I get to drop down on top of one inkling, and sneak up behind another, before helping re-capture the Splat Zones. Nice! Trying to sneak around the side again just has my sloshing this way and that, before finally hitting my target as my target hits me.

I get back to the Splat Zones in an excellent position to get some swift splats, but I don't make the most of the opportunity and get flanked before I can get two of them. My squidmates are still around, at least, and the Splat Zones stay a healthy shade of orange as the ten-second countdown appears.

One last splat boosts my numbers nicely, as we win the battle. My Fake Contacts come out looking quite nice too. Woomy!

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