Almost the comeback we deserve in Tower Control [16(4)-7, Custom Splattershot Jr]

16th January 2018 – 7.00 am

A Robot Chicken seems like just the right thing to lob over the Tower at the start of a battle, more so than a mere Suction Bomb. Or any time, anywhere, really. I like them. A bit of flanking gets me a splat too, and an Ink Storm solidifies our early position, the blue inkling on the Tower realising the discretion is the better part of valour. I cling on to the Tower for as long as I can, but the blue team's return forces a minor retreat.

My squidmates are more bold, but they get splatted. I hang around the edges attempting to apply some control, which goes quite well, but I have to admit that my little tussles make me completely lose where the Tower has moved to by the time I want to launch a new Ink Storm. I decide to play it safe, and launch it backwards, in case the Tower has passed me by, and go looking for it. Oh, I was completely wrong. So it goes.

Sticking to the edges has my running in to and avoiding trouble, and throwing Robot Chickens here and there helps keep the blue inklings moving or splatted too. But I am eventually caught out by, rather ironically, sitting in one place for too long. Running in to the N-ZAP '85 wasn't a great idea, but I thought my automaton had forced him elsewhere. No matter. I'm rather more disappointed with not quite surprising the Forge Splattershot sufficiently. I could have made a difference there.

Our lead has been destroyed, and although another flanking move is much more effective, and I wrest control of the Tower back, a blue inkling sneaks back on as I am distracted by the Dualie Squelchers, increasing their lead and making my Ink Storm far less useful. But I head back and help splat the blue team away again, and we hop on the Tower to push it in the right direction. We've got a fair way to go, though.

The N-ZAP '85 splats me, I splat him, and I try to take control of the Tower. I spot the Suction Bomb just in time, but that gives the Slosher enough warning to trade ink with me. My Ink Storm helps a little ahead of us, at least. I'd like to do more, but I get in a bad position as a right-handed inkling against the Slosher.

It's good that a squidmate holds on to the Tower, so that with seconds to go the whole team super-jumps to him and we have one last try to secure the victory. Robot Chickens, plus some height advantage and strength in numbers pushes us a good distance, and I hope that an Ink Storm will rain on the blue team enough to keep us on the Tower.

We almost make it. Good battle, everyone.

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