Profreshional Salmon Run [26-20-26, 19/569]

17th January 2018 – 7.00 pm

Low tide seems like an easy start to this Salmon Run, and our squidmate teasing Maws back to the basket makes it easier. A lone Flyfish is only awkward because of the salmonids in front of it, and my first throw just misses. Our second attempt shows that Flyfish who's boss. A couple more bosses are splatted next to each other, before a slightly more difficult test arises, with a Flyfish protected by a Scrapper. I pass this test easily by breaking out the Sting Ray.

In the end, the golden eggs are just lying around waiting to be collected. A really good first wave ends and leads us in to a mid-tide second, with my having a Brella to play with. That'll do! A Flyfish wanders in, and we make no mistakes splatting it. Dropping off a golden egg puts a couple of us above a Steel Eel, just right to splat without danger.

Things start to get a bit hairy down by the water, but I don't panic and find a safer route to take me back to the basket, before jumping off to take care of a Stinger on the other side of the Bay with a squidmate. It's good that he had the same idea, as going alone often gets me out of my depth. We rejoin our squidmates, and start collecting more golden eggs. I nearly squeeze one last golden egg in to the basket, but my desire to jump further has my mistiming it, and I merely drop through the grate. So it goes.

The skies go dark for the third wave. What are we in store for? Ah, glowflies! The team seems pretty solid, so this should work out well. The glowflies are on me first, so I stand behind the basket to lure the salmonids to me, before collecting golden egss when they move on. I spy a golden egg dropping beneath us and, as I am glowfly-free, I drop down to sneakily collect it. Naturally, that's the best time to attract the glowflies again, and things go about as well as you'd expected.

An excellent squidmate hears my pleas for help and revives me, I thankfully noticing his ink tickling my ankles, and we get back to the action above. I learn my lesson not to chase golden eggs on a different level, and stick to splatting salmonids, Goldies, and collecting golden eggs nearby. There are plenty around, and we safely double our quota for the wave.

That was an excellent Salmon Run, which deserves plenty of celebration! I even pull out my unused Sting Ray as a Death-Star salute. Woomy!

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