What difficult third wave, in Salmon Run [16-14-21, 12/510]

19th January 2018 – 7.00 pm

Bah, that's a poor throw on the Flyfish, particularly as my aiming arc showed the Splat Bomb would fall short. Still, it's the first boss in the first wave, we will cope. Then again, the Flyfish is splatted anyway, and I honestly don't know how. All bombs fell out of the boxes. I'm not complaining. A Steel Eel gives me the runaround, but I escape and feed a Splat Bomb to a Maws, and as things start to get busy I take care of a Stinger by myself.

We maybe lose a Golden Egg by my raising the platform a moment before an egg-laden squidmate joins me, but we've made quota so it's not a huge loss. I've got the Luna Blaster for the second wave, which is a mildly disappointing weapon, given how annoying it can be against me in Ranked battles. It splats a Stinger with ruthless efficiency, though.

The bosses come, the bosses are splatted, and there seems to be enough room to move around them, collecting Golden Eggs, whilst finding opportunities to splat the bosses. It's all working quite well. Even so, we only just make quota. I'm not sure why the haul is so low, but we move on to the third wave. I have the Brella, which is quite fun to use.

The first two bosses are nice and close together, and drop us a clutch of Golden Eggs to collect, as two more bosses come out of the green sea in the same spot. And despite the small working area of high tide, this seems to work in our favour when we're efficiently splatting the bosses.

A Splashdown here and there gets me out of tricky spots that maybe I shouldn't have got in to, but we really don't have any trouble keeping the bosses splatted and salmonids off our back. We finish with a tidy haul, better than the previous two waves, and our results showed we only had one inkling succumb to the salmonids. That was pretty smooth!

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