Autobombs and Ink Storms in Splat Zones [14(3)-3, Custom Splattershot Jr]

20th January 2018 – 7.00 am

I'm wondering where that E-litre 4K will set up, and hit the flank to lob an opportunistic Robot Chicken her way. It doesn't find anything, but moving up to the Splat Zones level finds the telltale shot of ink, and I try to combine Ink Storm and Robot Chicken to at least make her move. I think it works. I follow up with another automaton to get a super-jumper moving, making it easier for me to get closer to the E-litre 4K, who I just about manage to chase down.

I just about survive some ink splashes from a Suction Bomb Rush, and have a moment of precognition to turn and splat the Splattershot almost on top of me. And with an Ink Storm already over the Splat Zones, I send mine towards the blue base. That splats me the E-litre 4K again. Nice! I help maintain the Splat Zones, but the returning Splattershot gets revenge.

Everything goes a bit blue, with a flurry of action from the blue team. I get my Robot Chickens and Ink Storm working again, but have to take evasive action to avoid being splatted away. I circle around to the other side of the Splat Zones, returning as my squidmates have them nicely yellow again. We keep the blue team at bay for a bit, but they come back with force again, splatting us away and re-capturing the Splat Zones.

My Ink Storm gets me revenge, my splatter running in the same direction as the inkdrops, and it's quite nice that my Respawn Punisher gives me time to see it. We still have the Splat Zones to recover, though, and, as an inkling is splatted in front of me, we need to get past the watchful gaze of the E-litre 4K. I go around the side to be cautious, but it seems my squidmates have done the job already, wiping out the blue team and capturing the Splat Zones. Nice! I celebrate by bouncing a Robot Chicken off a wall.

Some aggressive moves as the Splat Zones stay yellow gets me a nice couple of splats, and even though I am splatted too, I don't mind. The blue team don't get close enough to threaten the Splat Zones, and we win the knockout victory. Woomy!

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