Enjoying the Specials in Salmon Run [22-20-17, 21/554]

20th January 2018 – 7.00 pm

I think going the long way to the Steelhead will be quicker. It isn't, but I manage to nab a Golden Egg like I deserved it. The Drizzler is easier, and the second Steelhead takes priority over the Steel Eel, but I overlook a Cohock, and get a pan to the face. I get splatted again when a squidmate hides in my wake and snatches a Golden Egg I was aiming for, and rather than head back to the basket I decide to get hit by a Flyfish. So it goes.

I get more Golden Eggs, but maybe not efficiently. More by stealing others who are able to splat the bosses. But they all count. The second wave starts, and again it's low tide, and again a normal wave. That suits me nicely. Unlike being smacked in to the water. At least I avoid the same fate when taking on a Stinger by myself. I get back to cooperating, which seems to go more smoothly, and although I find myself in the wrong place, surrounded by salmonids and bosses, I sneak out unsplatted, and contribute more Golden Eggs. Nice!

Medium tide for the third wave, and the Brella in my tentacles. The only problem about two low tides to start is that none of the rest of the stage is inked. That's not much of a problem, really, as there isn't green stink everywhere either. We start dealing the bosses easily enough, and once again I end up split from my squidmates. At least I'm not making a hash of it, and my timing is nice and lucky when taking the lift up to where a Steelhead's bomb is exploding.

The Golden Eggs are collected nicely, although we aren't gliding our way to quota. And when the Golden Eggs on the floor are gone, the deck of the marooned ship is getting a bit heavy with salmonid bosses. This seems like a good time to use my Splashdown, particularly as there's no Steel Eel or Stinger to interrupt me. The first splats a Scrapper, as an Inkjet comes out, and turning back finds a better opportunity for a Splashdown. One splatted Maws, Steelhead, and loads of little salmonids in one feel swoop. Nice!

We end up meeting our quota easily, and I bet CallieYuga pulls out the Sting Ray just for kicks. Woomy!

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