From blue to green in Splat Zones [7(1)-2, Custom Splattershot Jr]

21st January 2018 – 7.00 am

My first Robot Chicken finds a target, which pleases me, but I don't want the incoming Tenta Missiles to do the same, causing a brief retreat. And despite our good start, the blue team come back to push us out of the Splat Zones quite thoroughly, from the front and back. I use a Robot Chicken to see if anyone's hiding in the ink, which they don't seem to be, and expand the sponge to allow me to ink from some high turf before moving on. We can't allow the blue team to move freely so close to our base.

We nearly stop the blue team's control of the Splat Zones, but they're merely moving in to better positions before striking, splatting us all away and keeping the Splat Zones blue. This looks like a tough position. I hit the flank on my return, lobbing a Robot Chicken in to the Splat Zones, as one comes for me. They are easy enough to avoid if you don't panic, and I'm happy to see I splatted the Custom Splattershot Jr with my own.

I get an Ink Storm going, and send Robot Chickens out here and there to help maintain our position. Keeping the blue inklings moving lets us keep track of them and splat them more easily. The blue team aren't defeated yet, though, and successfully push us back out of the Splat Zones to capture them again. I manage to dodge the ink and avenge a squidmate or two, before launching an Ink Storm right above the Splat Zones, which helps cause enough problems for the blue team to allow us back in.

Making good use of height advantages, my little automatons, and the occasional Ink Storm helps us keep the Splat Zones green for long enough to steal the lead from the blue team, and as the lead was already quite large, it's not long from then that we win the knockout victory. Good battle, everyone. Woomy!

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