Getting a bit close in Rainmaker [13(2)-7, Sploosh-o-matic]

21st January 2018 – 7.00 pm

There's movement all over the place to start the battle, with plenty of inklings thinking that a splatty start would be more tactical than moving the Rainmaker. As I try to get rid of any chasing inklings with a Curling Bomb, and reminded by the Tri-slosher of the bridge above me, a squidmate shows that grabbing the Rainmaker early works quite well sometimes. He nearly dunks it!

We have a massive lead, that maybe we can improve on, but really shouldn't be too difficult to defend. We do a fair job of that to start with, but an orange inkling moves the Rainmaker around, forcing us to be dynamic, and a squidmate of his times a Splashdown nicely, and I can't stop my momentum carrying myself in to the explosion. I'm a bit disappointed at being caught in the Rainmaker explosion after that, and I'm just happy that my squidmates splat the Rainmaker just before he steals the lead.

We can't have the Rainmaker this close to the podium for long, and our first priority must be to move it away. Thankfully, my squidmates agree. I nearly clear more of a path, but the Custom Splattershot Jr does a good Dualie-roll past me. My squidmates keep the Rainmaker moving, though, so I take some time to tidy up, and try to prevent another easy push. So, of course, the Rainmaker is moved along the other flank.

I catch up, my squidmates holding the Rainmaker back, and splat the dangerous Stingray, and help splat the rest of the orange team away, and we clear our lines again. I ink a path to the podium, but after we lose the Rainmaker, and although I get a nice Curling Bomb splat, it doesn't help that it's whilst I'm running directly away from the Splat Charger. At least the map is looking more two-tone than before.

The Rainmaker is a slippery beast, but we catch up with it and shake of the orang team to get it close to the podium again. My Splashdown isn't quite far enough ahead to cause a lot of trouble, and I end up stuck under the Splat Charger. I hope the freed Rainmaker will blast him away, but the wrong colour inkling picked it up, and I'm chasing it again.

I stop the Rainmaker, dodge the Stingray, and get splatted for my cunning. With seconds remaining in the battle, a squidmate moves the Rainmaker to safety as I chase a last couple of splats. That was a good battle, which we were a little lucky not to lose.

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