Rolled over but not defeated in Rainmaker [10-6, Sploosh-o-matic]

23rd January 2018 – 7.00 pm

That's a solid start to the battle, sneaking around the Rainmaker for a surprise splat, and working up the Towers to be near the podium. My squidmates aren't far behind either, although when I try to rejoin them, despite managing to avoid a Splashdown, that Roller is deadly with her flicks. Still, we have a massive lead. If we can't improve it, hopefully we can defend it.

I manage to stop the first return push, but the Roller splats me again. No matter, my squidmates clear the way, grab the Rainmaker, and carry it back in the other direction, and I'm there to cover their tail. Until the Roller splats me again. This is already getting annoying. I don't think she's bored of it yet either, as she splats me again, as our whole team is splatted to give the blue team a chance to move the Rainmaker unimpeded.

We just about get in to position to prevent us losing the lead, but a squidmate gets splatted because of a deceptive super-jumping arrow from that Roller, and I get lucky only by standing off to the side. But we get the Rainmaker back, and as my squidmate starts moving it I start to skirmish a little, looking to ink turf and find splats by being in the right place.

I try to catch the Roller with a Splashdown, but she's pretty mobile. I can maybe catch up with her, but am distracted by an easy splat on a super-jumper, which is fine with me. Again I skirmish as my squidmates move the Rainmaker, and I play with an Aerospray a little until they use their Hamster Ball. I try to counter with a Splashdown, but I'm not fast enough. Bit of a waste, that.

My return is more spectacular. I use a Beakon, and as I'm in the air I see the Rainmaker using the ink rail. I orientate myself, drop back, and catch not just the Rainmaker but two supporting inklings all dropping off the rail one-by-one. Nice! The fourth comes a bit later, but along the same route, which is good of him.

I continue by trying to flank the blue team's defence, but they are quicker than me and start pushing the Rainmaker back before I can reach them. That gives me brief pause, but thankfully they are stopped on the ink rail, dropping the Rainmaker back near the middle of the Towers, as I Splashdown on the Aerospray successfully this time. With seconds left in the battle, we've probably got this sewn up.

I pause to make sure the Roller doesn't splat me one last time, and grab the Rainmaker to keep it in our possession to ensure the victory. Woomy!

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