Teamwork in Rainmaker [5(2)-1, Sploosh-o-matic]

23rd January 2018 – 7.00 am

My opening gambit fails again. I swear, I'll either make that work or be splatted trying. Still, my Curling Bomb gets a direct hit, and my ink spreads enough to get an assist too. Maybe it wasn't so bad after all. I get to super-jump back too, although to a rather dubious position, which I move away from quickly.

I help burst the Rainmaker free, and jump over it to start inking up the wall. Except I pick up the Rainmaker instead. Okay, let's do this. I'm helped up the wall by a squidmate, and see trouble coming my way immediately.

I have the room to squeeze some shots from the Rainmaker, which splats clear the way forwards, and from there my squidmates are already inking the path for me. It's a simple squidding all the way up the ramp to the top of the podium for a very quick dunk. I even get a good FC Albacore shirt out of the battle. Woomy!

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