Keeping the ink flowing in Splat Zones [15(3)-5, Custom Splattershot Jr]

26th January 2018 – 7.00 pm

Trying to sneak around the side before heading up the ramp sort of pays off, but it shouldn't have. I'll take it, though. My two-for-one splat doesn't really help us that much, as it turns out, and the purple team take control. Now I have to be careful heading back, so that I don't just get splatted away when foolishly rushing in. I manage to keep out of harm's way whilst lobbing Robo Chickens, and an Ink Storm gives me the cover I need to push forwards, luckily catching a super-jumper on landing.

Avoiding the Hamster Ball keeps me safe, and the Hamster unwisely moves out of the Splat Zones, letting us capture them back. Now we have the upper hand, at least for now. I fail to see an Echolocated inkling coming behind me as I concentrate on splats in front of me, and am caught out, and my squidmates get a little overwhelmed, turning the Splat Zones purple again.

I dodge this way and that to ink what I can of the Splat Zones, dropping out of view to stay safe, which does well for the most part. I get bolder as my Ink Storm crawls over the Splat Zones, which gets me a couple of splats, but puts me in the line of ink. I try the same tactics again, as they work well, and this time get caught out when pursued out of the Splat Zones.

Time to hit the other flank, as my squidmates re-capture the Splat Zones. That makes it easier to move around, and I run around covering all the purple ink to frustrate the other team. It only delays their return slightly, of course, and I am forced in to running away from encroaching ink. That lets me splat an Inkjetter, at least, which encourages me to turn around and keep the ink flowing.

With all four of us in the Splat Zones, we are pretty commanding. The purple team are splatted away in dribs and drabs, and it's only when two super-jumpers are imminent, and a third inkling pops up over a ledge that we are tested. The two squidmates that stay unsplatted keep their cool, though, and hold the Splat Zones until we steal the lead, and claim the knockout victory. Woomy!

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