Playing to the whistle in Splat Zones [13(6)-8, Custom Splattershot Jr]

27th January 2018 – 7.00 pm

An early precaution of not inking the Splat Zones but the ramp to the left of me pays off, and keeping to the sides keeps me unsplatted for long enough that the orange Splat Zones turn teal soon enough. We take the lead, and I patrol the edges to try to keep the orange team at bay. It almost works, but my scattershot inking can't match the my weapon's bigger brother at close range.

The orange team recapture the Splat Zones, and as I fail to keep our Splatterscope safe, the lead is reversed again. The orange team's position is starting to look quite strong. I try to approach from an unexpected angle, which works to some extent, but I get overwhelmed by orange ink fairly quickly anyway. I like to think my contribution helps my squidmates retaking of the Splat Zones, though.

We have a long way to go to get the lead back, which won't be helped by the Splat Zones turning orange again, or my getting duped by a decoy Sprinkler. I join my squidmates in trying to avoid the orange ink, which mostly succeeds in giving the Brella a good splat, as he tracks two of us. And now the orange ink is just about everywhere.

Just about everywhere, but not in the Splat Zones. The orange inkling inking near our base may be making things a bit awkward, but his ignoring the Splat Zones could come back to haunt him. I decide to splat him away anyway, as my squidmates are all taking care of the Splat Zones, and am happy I have Respawn Punisher equipped. Covering his mess lets me charge my Ink Storm too, which helps.

The orange team regroup and make a coordinated attack on the Splat Zones that steals them from us before we've taken the lead, and looks set to increase that lead. I'm happy for my Robo Chicken to get a splat, but less than happy to be splatted at the edge of the Splat Zones seconds later. The situation's getting a little more desperate, so I try a frontal push in to the Splat Zones, which goes well until I jump in to the waiting Brella.

It's probably better to ink away at the edges again, keeping the ink flowing in to the Splat Zones whilst presenting as low a profile as possible. Robo Chickens fly in, an Ink Storm meets an Ink Storm, and we wrest control of the Splat Zones with ten seconds to go. As we enter extra time, we have one last chance to hold the Splat Zones.

As much as we need to keep the Splat Zones, the orange team need to neutralise them. There is pressure on both sides, which grows for the orange team as our buffer disappears and we draw close to winning the battle. We just need to cover whatever they can throw in to the Splat Zones, but they have to splat us away.

The orange lead disappears, and despite their strong position at several points in the battle, we pull off an excellent extra time victory. Good battle, everyone! Woomy!

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