Blasting ahead in Tower Control [11(3)-6, Blaster]

28th January 2018 – 7.00 pm

I battled with the Blaster a fair bit before, and I think it's worth seeing how I fare with it now. Not too great, to be honest, because I have to aim well at close range, but this is why we practice. The Toxic Mist comes in handy and doesn't need to be aimed as well, and lobbing one at the charger's perch does the job. That lets me hop back on the Tower, and inking blasts get me an accidental splat. I'll take it.

The purple team are already encroaching on our turf, and the puny lead I started is beaten immediately, but we fight back, even if no one else seems keen to ride the Tower. I give it another go, but things get inky pretty quickly. Hitting the flank to try to dislodge the charger doesn't go any better, as I fail to notice the charger isn't there. But a squidmate hops on to the Tower and pushes it in to the lead. Nice!

I super-jump my way on to the Tower, and normal jump my way off, blasting the Inkjetter in mid-air like it's no big deal. We push the Tower whilst defending as best we can, but everything gets purple quickly. I can't even activate a defensive Splashdown before the Goo Tuber splats me. My squidmates cling on to the Tower a little longer, and I super-jump back to try to continue the push. That ends quickly.

I try to repeat my dazzling mid-air splat of the Inkjet as we battle in the middle of the Towers, but it doesn't quite work so well this time. That just makes the first look better, to be honest. We defend a little, and keep the Tower neutral. I activate the ink rail as a diversion, then ride it when the purple team aren't expecting anything. I drop on top of a few of them, and if my aim was better that would definitely end up on the highlight reel.

An inkling hides from us on our perch, planning to cause trouble. My indirect blasts can't find him, so I change my approach to find his hiding place. I double-back to defend more directly, and hit the ink rail again, luckily finding no inklings waiting. That sudden appearance of a green patch of ink is curious, though.

I work my way up the Towers, inking a path and looking for inklings, and get my Splashdown working this time. I help a squidmate also looking to clear a path, as our squidmates are sensibly riding the Tower. I push higher still, and just about get a final splat, as the Tower reaches the goal. Woomy!

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