Inking the kelp in Splat Zones [7(3)-1, Custom Splattershot Jr]

29th January 2018 – 7.00 am

Kelp Dome is back! I had a quick look around in recon mode, and the changes look positive, and not major enough to confuse me. As such, I take a standard indirect route to the Splat Zones, just to be cautious, and catch a cheeky bugger trying to out-flank us. My ink just about manages to reach him in time for me to catch the Inkbrush about to reach me, and although I run out of ink my Ink Storm has charged. Throwing that helps get some ink in the Splat Zones and recharges my tank, letting me launch a Robo Chicken to protect me.

The early green advantage is now covered in purple, and we take the lead pretty quickly. I catch the Crash Blaster causing problems, and keep the ink flowing until the Inkbrush gets close to me. I take the long route back, hoping to cover some green ink, but the turf is pretty clean along their flank. That lets me move quickly, and I keep moving to be less of a target.

The green team manage to neutralise the Splat Zones just before we claim the victory, but they are naturally feeling the pressure. An inkling super-jumping in to the Splat Zones won't end well, and another inkling doesn't retreat before pulling out the Sting Ray. Both minor mistakes, but their rush gets them splatted, and causes a bigger delay as they are sent back to their base.

A bit more purple ink here and there and we capture the Splat Zones again, and the knockout victory soon follows. Woomy!

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