Up to S Rank in Splat Zones [6-3, Custom Splattershot Jr]

29th January 2018 – 7.00 pm

I mostly hold back and let my squidmates do the dangerous inking, but playing my part by solidifying our foundational ink, and holding the central turf once we capture the Splat Zones. As our spearhead is splatted, I ensure the Splat Zones aren't washed over in green goo, and even nattily dodge a Splashdown. I could have lasted longer if my aim wasn't so shaky.

Our control of the Splat Zones gets just as shaky too, and the green team manage to hold the column with some confidence. Indeed, our lead is lost. But that just gives us turf to ink to quickly charge our Specials, and launching an Ink Strike makes it awkward for the green team and lets me throw out more Robo Chickens.

We stretch the green team just enough to reclaim the Splat Zones, and apply pressure in the right places to keep them blue. I'm particularly pleased with one Robo Chicken chasing the Squiffer to the splat. And although one green inkling sneaks past me, I sensibly don't chase directly and instead keep the ink flowing until a better opportunity arises.

The opportunity presents itself soon enough, which will happen when an inkling continues to be surrounded by the other team's ink, and we get the splat. And that's about all we needed to do, as our counter reaches zero and we win the knockout victory. I even reach S Rank in Splat Zones. Woomy!

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