Splats all around in Tower Control [11(2)-6, Custom Splattershot Jr]

30th January 2018 – 7.00 am

My Bomb-throwing still needs work, although if I can ever pull off a wall-bounce trick shot with a Robo Chicken I'll claim it was intentional. I get a bit lucky against the Splattershot Pro when chasing the initial Tower push, but maybe karma is quickly paying me back for covering all but a tiny corner of the Tower with yellow ink and hitting nothing. I go on to clear the Tower too, because that's kinda the point.

We have to pause frequently for blue inklings, which is a little impolite, but we take the lead for now. The blue aren't having that, and push right back, stealing the lead as my little Robo Chicken struggles to climb on to the Tower. I plant one closer, close enough for my Splattshot Jr to be effective too, but that just means the N-ZAP '85 can splat me.

I practice some initial caution in defence, before rushing in to the Octobrush's ink, which somehow pays off. And jinking here and there keeps me from being in the wrong place, until the Tower is free to be boarded. Just in time to catch the Octobrush super-jumping back too. Nice! Falling off the Tower almost works in my favour, letting a blue inkling get splatted to give me a clearer path, but there are other blue inklings ready to splat me further along.

Patrolling a little finds the Splash-o-matic looking for trouble, which I provide, and the Splattershot Pro trying to flank us. I think I've caught him in the act, but he slips through the ink as I get close and bamboozles me. It's a more straightforward splatting on my return, as I tip my ink early, letting the Splattershot Pro know where I am, and he wisely employs the greater range of the Pro against my Jr. My squidmates rightfully avenge me immediately.

I hit the flank on my return looking for opportunity, but it mostly finds me. As my squidmates push the Tower forwards, all the action converges on my position, and I just take advantage of my new popularity to get a splat or two, and continue moving the Tower. I'm a little worried by a bubble, but that passes, unlike the Octobrush.

I super-jump back to what looks like a rather positive position for us. Lots of yellow ink, the Tower nearby, and our own ink-filled bubbles moving along the Tower's path. I hop on as my squidmates keep the blue team splatted, and reach the goal before any of them get close to becoming a returning threat. Woomy!

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