Too little focus on Tower Control [15(3)-6, Tri-slosher]

30th January 2018 – 7.00 pm

Some good sloshing clears the way to ride the Tower in safety for a bit, but only for a bit. I hop off to try ease the pressure a bit more, helped along by a direct hit from the Splatterscope off my Ink Armour, and get the splats I need. I'm only hindered when a Sting Ray is sensibly used from a rather safe spot, and chasing that lets the Tower reset.

My squidmates push the Tower further, and I take that opportunity to skirmish for splats, mostly trying to distract the Splatterscope. That works a bit, but I don't quite realise that the Tower is no longer in a positive position for us. That becomes a theme for this battle, unfortunately, as does being splatted by the Crash Blaster. It's not the blasting so much as getting my feet stuck in the ink from the blasts.

The green team push the Tower, and my attempt to interrupt is hampered by the Crash Blaster. I take a different route, quite a bit longer, and am happy that my squidmates are closer and preserve our lead. My squidmates hop on the Tower and increase our lead a little, so I go skirmishing again, but like before don't realise soon enough that the Tower has reset. The green team get back on and this time beat our lead by a margin.

I'm now in a skirmishing mood, though, helped by my squidmates' keenness to ride the Tower. I think their pushes would be helped if I got a few more splats, but it seems the green team is getting wise to me. And with seconds left in the battle, my attempt to clear the Tower goes well by splatting the two chargers, except for neither of them being on the Tower and my getting splatted back.

A good battle, but perhaps one where I could have paid more attention to where the Tower was.

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