Being useful in S-rank Splat Zones [13(6)-8, Custom Splattershot Jr]

31st January 2018 – 7.00 pm

I'm reluctant to get too involved too quickly in S-rank battles, as I'm not entirely convinced I belong here. Still, holding back and providing some foundational support is generally useful, and sending the odd Robo Chicken to the other side to pressure the charger almost always helps.

I admire one Robo Chicken's desire to chase the Hamster Ball, even though he maybe just wants a go himself, but I've got too close to a few of those to think it a good idea. The second one that rolls my way has my moving back, but sadly it's right in to the path of a Splat Bomb. So it goes.

It looks like the charger may be sitting on our flank as I return, so head that way to try to get behind her. She's not there, but I get myself in to an excellent position to be disruptive, which works very well until I squid up on to the central perch unfortunately facing the wrong direction.

I try to apply some more Robo-chicken pressure on my return, which doesn't quite go to plan. But even though I miss seeing the teal inkling hop from the central perch to our side, a Splat Bomb thrown my way forces me back to put him in front of my Splattershot Jr, which is nice. I follow that up with a Robo Chicken that finds its target, an Ink Storm, and splatting the Heavy Splatling, before being caught out of my reach.

My squidmates take charge of the Splat Zones, but lose it when a couple of Specials coincide, including a Hamster Ball that explodes in quite a radius of effect. I hit the flank again to try to repeat my good moves of earlier, but am spotted sooner and out-ranged easily on two sides. The teal team's continued pressure gives them back the lead.

I go for the other flank next, and use a Robo Chicken to keep an inkling on his toes, but am stopped early in my tracks by another Hamster Ball. My squidmdates are doing better, and are actually keeping the Splat Zones mostly orange. I act as a minor distraction to help them along for the most part, although I manage to sneak around the back to get some useful splats too.

In the end, we maintain control over the Splat Zones for long enough to take back the lead, and win by knockout victory. Woomy!

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