Rough at sea in Salmon Run [21-18-25, 16/317]

31st January 2018 – 7.00 am

I love me a bit of Splash-o-matic. Naturally, the first few bosses are splatted smoothly enough, and it's only pausing to do more than is needed that causes a bit of a build up. Still, you can't complain about an abundance of Scrappers and the odd Steel Eel, as that's pretty benign for the salmonids. We breeze in to the second wave.

Now, the E-litre 4K I am less comfortable with, but not chargers in general. I consider the long charge time to be a little unwieldy in Salmon Runs, but as long as your squidmates account for this and give you room its power can be utilised. I'm hoping to stick somewhat centrally, splat some weak spots, and let me squidmates do the running around.

My plan mostly works to start with, but the threat of a Stinger has my heading down the edge of the map alone. Thankfully, I've seen that you don't need full charges to pop each pan, and the Stinger goes down quite easily. It's getting cornered by two Steel Eels without inked walls that has my coming a cropper.

It's only me down, though, and I'm soon revived. But then the situation is reversed, and it's just me left, near the basket, my squidmates elsewhere, with Chum and a Maws heading my way. Could be worse, I suppose. Ah, there's also a Stinger, with just one inkling to aim for, so it is worse. But I revive one squidmate, who gets another up, and we claw our way to the end of the wave.

Just to annoy me, Mr Grizz gives me the Octobrush for the most difficult wave. I suppose I'm getting more used to it, but I'd rather have the Blaster. Two Stingers start us off, but right next to each other, not posing a problem. I'm more concerned by the Steelhead, but a squidmate turns up to provide the right amount of ink.

I grab a Golden Egg and try to retreat, but lack of ink impedes me a bit. I then have a Maws appear under my feet, but rather than panic I decide to just lead him back to the basket. A good plan, if it weren't for the two Stingers crossing their streams whilst aiming at me and generally in this direction. I don't quite know how I survive that blast, but I do.

Another Maws turns up, but they are easily dealt with and drop a lode of Golden Eggs for us to collect. We just have to avoid the Stingers. And I have to admit that the Octobrush isn't so bad at that, with a nice bit if running speed whilst inking, I dodge this way and that whilst collecting the eggs. We easily make quota.

Those Stingers keep stinging, though, and I head off to deal with one, and thankfully the Blaster as the same idea. Splatting the Stinger goes according to plan, but being at the end of the jetty is always potentially dodgy, and we turn around to see Steel Eels heading our way. But time is nearly up, and I hope to just bide my time.

My plan seems to work, and I take off by Inkjet to increase my chances of survival. That annoys fate, apparently, and a Steel Eel whips me in the air. But it's okay, Mr Grizz is quite happy with our performance.

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