Oh, there's two chargers in Tower Control [18(5)-9, Tri-slosher]

1st February 2018 – 7.00 pm

Yeah, it seems obvious now, when you can see both of them clearly at the start of the battle on the green base, but I don't think I quite processed the Goo Tuber for what it was. But I'll get back to that. I'm happy to see my Burst Bomb connected with an inkling to get me an assist, and happier to run headlong in to an unprepared Splat Charger trying to set up on the flank. That gives us an early advantage to push the Tower.

I get my Ink Armour up and running before heading in to dangerous territory, but perhaps it could have waited until it actually got dangerous. And we can ignore my super-jumping back to an immediate splatting. Instead, check out my sweet move to flank the Slosher, which I manage twice. Yeah, smooth!

The green team get a score on the board, but we push back a little, until the Slosher gets his own back on me and we end up three inklings down and the Tower coming our way. They make it to the first checkpoint, where we converge and stop them, and I hit the flank to make good use of the Tri-slosher's Burst Bombs to increase my inking range and improve my movement speed.

Our push goes well, and my pressing high gets me some decent supressing splats. We're stopped at the second checkpoint, but we now have a healthy lead. I head down the side to use my Burst Bombs effectively again, but get caught between retreating from the Slosher's sloshing and pushing up to catch the Slosher launching Tenta Missiles.

The green team push again, and make it to Checkpoint 1 a second time. I try to get some elevation, but when I flop to the ground instead I decide to see what I can do. I squid around the side, and get three splats to clear the Tower, and help to start pushing it back. Not a bad result. A Burst Bomb catches the Splat Charger nicely to take some pressure off, and wonder how he gets back so quickly to knock me off the Tower.

It's only when, seconds later, one charger splats me and squids away, revealing the second charger behind him, that I realise I haven't known there are two chargers on the green team. Still, I don't think knowing would have changed much up until now. Indeed, the battle starts to wind down.

Although we are in control of the Tower seconds before the time runs out, the green team snatch control to force the battle in to extra time. I make a sacrificial charge, splatting two inklings on my way in, and my squidmates tidy up the others, to give us the victory. Woomy!

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